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"Karen is great! Makes beautiful doggy bibs. I ordered four that arrived today and they are adorable. Thank you for all your hard work! She also sells at amazing prices."

Lauren Rainear

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" Thanks for working with me."

John McCoist



Your online Mom & Pop Alternative shop

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888The1ibuy was founded To Bring Alternatives To The Perceptive, And Offer a Few Custom Crafts. We Highlight Alternatives That Are Currently Not Well Known But Are Available And Provide a few custom crafts From Our Family To Yours.


Welcome to the worlds first MOM & POP store that is on the net. We are very unusual because most web sites deal with just one product that they try to get you to buy. But what about the people like you and I that have many interests? We want everyone to be able to find and experience any common interests ALL IN ONE PLACE. A place you can come to and feel at home, Just like the old MOM & POP shop in your local neighborhood. So we created ROKA Enterprise. 

 ROKA,.....  RO for Ron and KA for Karen, spells ROKA. This is Ron and Karen's online enterprise for an online MOM & POP shop. But what you really need to remember is 888The1ibuy. Why remember this you ask? Good question. The answer is: Your going to want to remember where you found all the great things we have to offer and have discovered. And when you remember 888The1ibuy, you are remembering our dot com address AND our phone number. we made it easy for you to remember our web address as www.888the1ibuy.com and our phone number as 888The1ibuy. which translates to 888-843-1428 the Y at the end is useless in the phone number, but the cool thing is, it doesn't matter if you press it or not, you'll still connect with us. 888 THE 1 i BUY. Remember that! O yeah, don't forget the 1 in front of the 888 when you call from a landline. We Look forward to meeting you.