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Let's make a smarter tomorrow, one NEO Neurophone at a time.

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Interested in making your own Colloidal Silver? Call me. If I cant get to the phone,  just leave a message with the best way and/or best time to get back in touch with you.

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Our goal is simple: To The Perceptive, We Bring To Your Attention, Alternatives To Our Current Paradigm, As well As Providing a few custom crafts.


Ever since we established 888The1ibuy, we have been providing customers with custom crafted products as well as great commercial products for personal use or as gifts, and bringing Alternatives for every day life to your attention.Read more about our home made products and our recommended Supplements and some Alternative ways to improve your life.

Ron, President  & Founder. Electro/Mechanical Technician and Entrepreneur, Founded ROKA Enterprise in the early 1990s and later created 888the1ibuy as a way to showcase what they offer and inspire people with some alternative opportunities to expand your mind and take control of your future. learn more

Visit Michael's Website to join or just learn more about the philosophy of the Ubuntu way

Karen, Has been making custom crafted articles for peoples pets for many years. that's where she got her name for her hobby, People Dogs 413

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